Monday, October 29, 2012

There Are Signs Everywhere...

Maybe I started believing in signs when the hopeless romantic in me saw this movie in 1997. Maybe it was earlier than that? 
All I know is that I am a highly superstitious believer in signs and searcher for patterns in a usually random life. 

This may seem like an over-exaggeration of my life, but it is not. 
I once had a pair of Packer underwear. I noticed that each time I wore them, the Packers lost. Clearly it was the fault of the undergarment and not the professional athletes' ability to score touchdowns and hold the other team from scoring points. I threw the underwear out immediately upon realizing this pattern. 

This season I noticed that our losses were due to the fact that I did not put my Clay Matthews jersey on approximately 1 hour before the game. Contrary to belief, the loss in Seattle was not due to the replacement refs, it was my own negligence that warranted the loss.

I see real signs and am superstitious about other things in life too, not just our professional sports teams. When we first found out the price of adoption and IVF (starting at $17,000 each), we were panicking about how we would ever be able to support such a thing. We questioned whether or not this was the right choice for us. Then, I made an extreme error when taking out my student loan for graduate school. I didn't understand that you weren't supposed to take out the full amount that they offered you. I didn't realize that they gave you over the amount one would need to pay for tuition and books. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I was issued a check for $17,000. 

Crazy, right?

Well, there was another sign at my house this weekend (or maybe an omen). The girls were playing with the sno-globes in the living room. One was a snowman, one was a winter scene, one was engraved from our wedding, and the last one had four dolphins in it and it said: 
Kate and Neddy 
Family Complete
Guess which one broke?
When we got the dolphin sno-globe from Brent's parents for Christmas I was kind of sad because, really? This is all done? No more babies? I asked Brent's mom what she would do if I miraculously got pregnant at 40 years old (yes, it would be a miracle, but not a surprise because I know this is going to happen to me.) We laughed at the thought of having to buy a new sno-globe.
But now there is a sign.

I explained this to Brent and he told me I was ridiculous. Maybe he is just being realistic because we can't fit another body into our house, maybe he is just being practical because the reality of this being an actual sign that we would have another child is kind of silly.
Then again, this is the man that made me sit in the kitchen during a Packer game because each time I entered the living room something bad happened for our team.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Mommy House

I like to rearrange my house a couple of times a year. It makes me feel clean and happy and like I can start fresh. It makes hubby feel uncomfortable and crazed but he lets me do it anyway. As of late, I feel more depressed than clean/happy/starting fresh...

Why can't my house look like those really nice, clean, decorated ones in the Pottery Barn? 
How come those kids don't destroy all of the items that are set out for decoration? 

Where do those kids put their toys so that their house doesn't  have the Fischer Price Hell appearance that my house has taken on?

How come those houses aren't surrounded by STICKY and finger-prints? You think I'm joking? Every time I leave my house I feel sticky. I don't even eat breakfast. Sometimes, my kids haven't even had breakfast yet and they are sticky. Yes, I bathe them! They still stick! It's like it comes out of their pores!

Where are the Goldfish crackers on the furniture and why isn't there anything ground into the carpet? I think our vacuum cleaner spits out Goldfish behind me as it cleans because my house seems to be dirtier after I vacuum than when I first started.

I bet those houses smell good too! My house usually smells like dirty diapers. How do they do that?

I know some of you smart mommas/grandmommas will tell me that I will miss this stage someday and I probably will because that will be a sign that my babies are grown and out of the house. Still, wouldn't it be nice to live in a Pottery Barn for a couple of hours instead of a Mommy House?