Monday, October 15, 2012

A Mommy House

I like to rearrange my house a couple of times a year. It makes me feel clean and happy and like I can start fresh. It makes hubby feel uncomfortable and crazed but he lets me do it anyway. As of late, I feel more depressed than clean/happy/starting fresh...

Why can't my house look like those really nice, clean, decorated ones in the Pottery Barn? 
How come those kids don't destroy all of the items that are set out for decoration? 

Where do those kids put their toys so that their house doesn't  have the Fischer Price Hell appearance that my house has taken on?

How come those houses aren't surrounded by STICKY and finger-prints? You think I'm joking? Every time I leave my house I feel sticky. I don't even eat breakfast. Sometimes, my kids haven't even had breakfast yet and they are sticky. Yes, I bathe them! They still stick! It's like it comes out of their pores!

Where are the Goldfish crackers on the furniture and why isn't there anything ground into the carpet? I think our vacuum cleaner spits out Goldfish behind me as it cleans because my house seems to be dirtier after I vacuum than when I first started.

I bet those houses smell good too! My house usually smells like dirty diapers. How do they do that?

I know some of you smart mommas/grandmommas will tell me that I will miss this stage someday and I probably will because that will be a sign that my babies are grown and out of the house. Still, wouldn't it be nice to live in a Pottery Barn for a couple of hours instead of a Mommy House?


  1. I think rearranging things is a theme for you! If I remember right, you rearrange your classroom mid-year too. :)