Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mom-vention #1

Worst recurring experience ever:
Driving with kids in the car after a long day of work. About to get on the hwy 441 death trap. Kate drops her Ga (giraffe lovey) and Neddy chucks her milk cup. Suddenly they both realize what they have done. They freak. They want them back. They start screaming, crying, whining "I need it!" on repeat. 
I know my baby T-Rex arms will not reach the items they desire no matter how I twist and turn without taking both my eyes from the road. I panic because they won't stop. 
I beg. I plead. I try to reason with them: "Mommy can't get them for you right now. She is driving!" They don't care. They just want their stuff! I explain further: "Mommy can't reach them. She could crash the car and you would get an owie-boo-boo!"
This is followed by a moment of silence.
A question: "Then I go doctor and get band-aids?"
Then commence the screaming, crying, whining "I need it" on repeat.
I begin to sweat through my winter coat. I turn the radio up so I can't hear them. They begin launching other items to get my attention. I briefly consider jerking the wheel and then I find our exit. It has only been 5 minutes but it feels like I have been to hell and back. At the stop light I twist into the back seat and grab the desired items. 
I am breathing heavily like I have just been through a major trauma.
And we are home.. 

Solution: Mom-vention #1 -- A pet net of sorts going across the back seat floor to make it easier for me to retrieve dropped items.

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