Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes God Takes Your Glue

Ever wonder why God takes some people out of our lives so young? It hardly seems fair. They were here such a short amount of time, how could they have accomplished everything they needed to on this earth? 

My uncle (and Godfather) passed away a few years ago. Our family is still working through our great loss. It is amazing to me how losing him has affected each member of our extended family so deeply. I always knew he was an important person and loved him deeply, but I never had any idea that him being taken from us would make our lives unravel at the seams and spiral off into odd directions. 

It has been a few years now since he passed and I have watched some other young souls leave our sides. I think I finally understand what God is up to:

Sometimes God has to take your glue. He has to take that person that helps you hold it all together -- "all" meaning hold your family together, your community together, your very existence together. He has to take your glue so that you can learn that no one person is made to do this. No human can hold things together for you. God takes your glue because He wants you to see that He is the only One that can hold things together for you. 

This is my reminder today to let Him be the glue.

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