Friday, May 6, 2011

I'd Choose Us!

Thus began the very long wait that most adoptive families experience. Everyone tells you not to think about it, but it is all that is on your mind. With every ring of the phone or increased number in your inbox on your email, all you can think about is, "Am I going to get a baby?"

Copies of our portfolio (scrapbook) are sent to the nearby adoption offices. We also create an online profile for birthparents to look at. Once a birthparent decides to create an adoption plan she fills out a medical history and then describes the type of parents she is looking to give to her child. The social workers give the birthmothers about 5 family portfolios that match her description and that match the waiting families' openness agreement. After the birthmother views these portfolios she chooses 2 or 3 families that she would like to interview.

I would page through our extra portfolio at home and each time I would think, "I would choose us in a heartbeat! Look at all we have to offer!" As we waited to hear that a birthfamily was interested in us I kept trying to figure out how to change us or our portfolio to get more interest from birthmothers. As with all things, God took his time. He was waiting for just the right birthmother to come along to bring us our little angels. His plan makes sense now but at the time, I certainly wanted things to go much faster!

They say most adoptive families meet with one birthmother before actually meeting THE birthmother. We met with two before meeting our amazing birthmother. The first birthmother we met couldn't decide between parenting and adoption. The baby was actually already born and waiting in foster care before the birthmother chose to parent. It was a difficult thing to process but would have been much harder if we had met the baby. The second birthmother was trying to choose between us and another couple. She chose the other couple but in the same week that we met her we also interviewed with THE birthmother of our children. She chose us right away.

Tears of joy poured down our faces when our social worker told us we were matched. We were finally going to be parents... in three months!!!!

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