Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Do See Me!

One of the biggest issues we had with infertility is the same issue we had difficulty accepting when we chose adoption -- that we would never be able to look at our children and say:
She has your eyes, and my smile. Her ears are crooked like yours are, and she has small hands like my family.
We would never be able to look at our children and find small pieces of each other.

During that grieving time, it didn't occur to me how much our children would resemble us -- not necessarily in the physical aspect (although I am told frequently that Kate and Neddy look just like me. Apparently I have red hair? Or maybe I just drool a lot?) 

Regardless, everyday I look at my children and see myself (scary to think that the world could handle more than one of me) or my husband.

Exhibit A:
Kate reminds me of Daddy with her "fashion sense." She loves accessories and the use of color. Her father also has a style all his own.

Exhibit B:
(Yes, this is the beginning of a tantrum because Kate is unable to tip her straw cup and still get milk from it. Clearly it is the fault of the milk cup for not allowing her to do what she wants. Next step was chucking it across the room with a Karate-style hi-ya!)

Kate is incredibly stubborn, opinionated, confident, smart, quick-witted, with a strong personality. (I will give you one guess as to who that resembles...)

Exhibit C:
Neddy is very independent, fearless, and tough. She is the baby sister and gets bumped around A LOT but bounces right back like nothing happened. She explores the house (and makes big messes) without a care in the world.

Exhibit D:
Look at that beautiful smile! Only one other person in this world can make me feel that happy just by smiling...her daddy!

Regardless of the fact that I will never see crooked ears or small hands that we passed onto these two beautiful girls. There is no denying that these ARE our babies.

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