Sunday, June 10, 2012

E.N.U.F Already

I will be brief although this is something that I feel quite strongly about....

Dear Advertisers,
Please stop misspelling words on purpose. You are confusing our society's youth and most of the adults. You are also making my job quite difficult when trying to teach my children and others' children how to spell commonly used words. 

 3rd Grade Teacher/Mom/Lover of the English Language

Dear Consumers and Children,
Here is some clarification for you --

This is wrong:
An advertiser of graduation decorations did this clever spelling as a reference to graduates. The word is Congratulations therefore the appropriate abbreviation is:

This is also wrong:

Not sure what happened here but I am tired of correcting this word on spelling tests and in stories written by my students. I hope this is redundant, but the correct spelling is MUD with only one 'd.'

This is wrong and not very clever. It just looks ridiculous.

Just because very and berry rhyme does not mean that they need to be spelled the same. 

I hope these examples get my point across. Feel free to email me with any additional questions. Another great resource is Webster's Dictionary.
Have a luvly day. :) (LOL!)

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