Thursday, June 21, 2012

They're Doing It Wrong

So....I suck at playing toys with my kids. 
I know this sounds ridiculous. I mean, how can one "suck" at "playing?" 
Well, let me tell you how:
I am a little, shall we say controlling? And obsessive? 
Alright, after you read this you will see that I am much more than a little. But there has to be someone else out there like me. Right? Anyone?

Every time I watch my kids play I have to use all of my will-power to keep myself from correcting them. I just don't understand why they are trying to put a car in the picnic basket when clearly the picnic basket goes with all of the cute little food and cups and plates. The car does not belong there! I know it would be stifling their creativity and imagination if I tried to stop them, so I don't. But I really want to show them that the shovel goes with the sand toys and not with the tea pot.

I think the worst, and I mean absolute WORST time of day for me is when we go outside to play with the sand and water table. This is painful and I cringe just thinking about it. See this?
That's right. There is sand in the water side and water in the sand side. (GASP!)This hurts my feelings just looking at it. But my beautiful baby is enjoying herself so I know I need to let it go. So I will take a deep breath. Close my eyes....

....And wait until they go to bed so I can make my world right again by putting the correct toys in the picnic basket, clearing the sand out of the water side of the table, and placing the teapot in the play house on the stove where it all belongs.

Don't judge. I know there are more of me out there. They just won't admit it! :)

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